Spring 2013

Resolved: Pride is a virtue, not a vice (Inaugural Jessica Caroe Debate)

Resolved: Pragmatism, not idealism, is the greater virtue (Annual Richard T. Merrick Debate)

Resolved: The US criminal justice system should prioritize rehabilitation

Resolved: It is better for a leader to be feared than loved

Resolved: Science is the best means for understanding the human condition

Resolved: The American Dream represents propaganda more than truth

Resolved: Whether the citizen or the soldier is the more useful member of a Republic (Historical Day Celebration)

Resolved: The Information Age tarnishes public discourse

Resolved: Chivalry is dead

Resolved: DNRs are necessary for quality healthcare

Resolved: The U.S. should depose Bashar al-Assad

Resolved: Might makes right

Resolved: The selling of one’s organs should be legal

Resolved: Voting is a right, not a privilege

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