Spring 2012

Ode to the Seniors (Senior Debate)

Resolved: The politician should represent the interest, not the will, of the people (Annual Richard T. Merrick Debate)

Resolved: The bro, and not the hipster, represents the greatest threat to Western civilization (Annual Dean Gordon Debate)

Resolved: Secular, and not religious, universities provide a better education

Resolved: The rich are entitled to their wealth

Resolved: Pete Rose should be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame

Resolved: Napoleon was beneficial for France

Resolved: The Obama contraceptive rule violates religious liberty

Resolved: The suburbs are good for America

Resolved: God is Dead

Resolved: Women, not men, fare worse in modern romantic culture

Resolved: Counter-terrorism efforts trump due process

Resolved: Nuclear science has been a force for good

Resolved: The war in Iraq was a worthwhile endeavor

Resolved: A politician’s private life is irrelevant

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