Spring 2011

Ode to the Seniors (Senior Debate)

Resolved: Pluralism is a virtue (Annual Richard T. Merrick Debate)

Resolved: The Founding Fathers would be ashamed of modern America (Annual Dean Gordon Debate)

Resolved: Bring back Healy Pub

Resolved: The crisis in Libya required US humanitarian intervention

Resolved: Job should have cursed God

Resolved: The eating of meat is unethical

Resolved: The IRA was justified

Resolved: Liberal democracy is incompatible with the modern Arab world

Resolved: Facebook has changed our concept of identity

Resolved: The presidency of Ronald Reagan did more harm than good

Resolved: Globalization is a force of good

Resolved: The donation of Constantine ruined Christianity

Resolved: American exceptionalism is destructive

Resolved: Wikileaks should be shut down

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