Spring 2010

Senior Debate

Resolved: Humanity demonstrates greater nobility in war than in peace (Annual Richard T. Merrick Debate)

Resolved: The Vampire, and not the Zombie, is the more useful member of the Undead Republic (Annual Dean Gordon Debate)

Resolved: The US government should implement a national program of school vouchers

Resolved: It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven

Resolved: The foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson did more harm than good

Resolved: The project of European integration will fail

Resolved: All states should dismantle their nuclear arsenals

Resolved: The United States should end its space program

Resolved: Free market capitalism is the most just economic system

Resolved: Unrequited romantic love is a myth

Resolved: The message of the Sermon on the Mount is absurd

Resolved: America’s War on Drugs should end

Resolved: Sarah Palin represents the future of American Democracy


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