Other Events

President’s Dinners

Every week during the regular school year, the Society gathers at a member’s house to eat, drink, and discuss the upcoming week’s resolution over some home cooked food.  These casual evenings are open for all to attend.  Locations Change on a weekly basis.

Public Speaking Workshops

Keeping the goals of the society in mind, the society conducts bi-weekly workshops for members and non-members to help improve general public speaking skills.  These workshops focus on improving technique, content, and the presence of the speaker in the context of the Philodemic.

Fall Hamilton Debate

The Hamilton Homecoming Debate is the alumni debate that is held near Georgetown’s Homecoming Weekend each year in late September or early October. The undergraduates welcome back past members of the Society to chair, keynote and give floor speeches. At the conclusion of the debate, the alumni award the Hamilton Medal to a member of the undergraduate Philodemic Society who gives the best floor speech.

The Merrick Debate

The Merrick Debate is the most prestigious event of the Philodemic year. Alumni, friends and family are welcomed to join the Society for the Merrick Debate in April. The Merrick judges – who are usually leaders in the fields of law, politics, journalism or education – award the Merrick Medal to the best keynoter of the debate. To decide who keynotes the Merrick Debate, members vote for the best speaker of each debate of spring semester. The top five receive “Merrick Points.” The top debater gets 5 points, runner-up 4 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 2 points and 5th place 1 point. The four debaters with the most points become the keynoters for the Merrick debate.

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