Hamilton Debate

For an archive of past Hamilton Alumni debates, click here.

Each year, current students and alumni affiliated with the Philodemic Society  are invited to gather for the Annual Hamilton Alumni Debate which takes place the Saturday during Georgetown’s Homecoming Weekend. This great debate allows for alumni of all ages and current students to discuss and debate with each other and, although all alumni of the Philodemic Society are welcome at any debate, this special debate enables and encourages alumni to continue to actively participate and contribute to the society.

Further, at this debate, the Hamilton Medal is awarded to the undergraduate speaker who best represents the society by pursuing “eloquence in the defense of liberty” in their speech that day. Please see below for a list of past Hamilton medalists.

Hamilton Medalists

Peter Hamilton (2016)
Symone Wilson (2015)

Amanda Wynter (2013)
Samuel Dulik (2012)
Patrick Spagnuolo (2011)
Jordan Daniels (2010)
Edward Cadagin (2008)
Reza Nasim Jan (2007)
Marc A. Gersen (2003)
Lou Caravella (2002)
Emma Salustro (2001)
Matthew Axelrod (1999)
Alexander Henlin (1998)

David M. Roxe (1960)

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