Fall 2013

Resolved: Santa Claus is red

Resolved: College football players should be paid

Resolved: Nixon’s achievements outweighed his moral failures

Resolved: The Age of Nations is past

Resolved: Immortality is a curse, not a blessing

Resolved: Our political system, not our politics, led to the government shutdown

Resolved: The Frontier defines the American Spirit

Resolved: Art is expression, not representation

Resolved: Love is a battlefied (Annual Kai Yai Yai Debate)

Resolved: Abraham should not have led Isaac to the slaughter

Resolved: We are Americans first (Annual Hamilton Alumni Debate)

Resolved: Elizabeth was right to wait for Mr. Darcy

Resolved: Modern technology corrodes our humanity

Resolved: The United States should conduct limited and targeted military action in Syria

Resolved: Edward Snowden is a traitor, not a patriot



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