Fall 2009

Resolved: The War on Christmas has been a Failure

Resolved: Hamlet was Mad

Resolved: The States Should Legalize Same Sex Marriage

Resolved: The Global War on Terror has been a Failure

Resolved: The death penalty should be abolished (Inter-Collegiate Debate)

Resolved: President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize

Resolved: Jamestown, not Plymouth, is the seed of American culture

Resolved: Richard M. Nixon was a greater president than John F. Kennedy

Resolved: Red Square, and not Dahlgren Quad, is the heart of Georgetown University

Resolved: Society Should Allow the Practice of Liberal Eugenics

Resolved: America’s Best Days are Ahead of It (Annual Hamilton Alumni Debate)

Resolved: The Coup in Honduras was Justified

Resolved: Athens has had more of an impact on the Western world than Jerusalem

Resolved: The United States Should Establish a National Health Care System

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