Resolved: Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant
Resolved: Abraham should not have led Isaac to the slaughter
Resolved: Batman should have killed the Joker
Resolved: The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified
Resolved: Brutus was an honorable man | Negated 15-3-36 |
Resolved: Celebrating Osama bin Laden’s Death was Justified
Resolved: College football players should be paid
Resolved: Counter-terrorism efforts trump due process
Resolved: The death penalty should be abolished (Inter-Collegiate Debate)
Resolved: The eating of meat is unethical
Resolved: The elves must be liberated
Resolved: Frankenstein, and not his monster, was the greater villain
Resolved: Globalization is a force of good
Resolved: Greed is Good
Resolved: I am my brother’s keeper
Resolved: The IRA was justified
Resolved: It is better to be naughty than nice
Resolved: Javert’s pursuit of Valjean in Les Miserables was justified
Resolved: Michael Corleone is a good man | Negated 23-3-23 |
Resolved: Nixon’s achievements outweighed his moral failures
Resolved: Nuclear science has been a force for good
Resolved: Pete Rose should be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame
Resolved: The presidency of Ronald Reagan did more harm than good
Resolved: The rich are entitled to their wealth
Resolved: Socrates was Justly Condemned
Resolved: The surveillance society does more harm than good | Affirmed 21-2-17 |
Resolved: Transhumanism is immoral
Resolved: Watching Pornography is Morally Permissible | Affirmed 38-3-26 |
Resolved: Whether Bill Gates or Mother Theresa was a greater philanthropist
Resolved: Wikileaks should be shut down

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