Reason to Donate

The Philodemic Society relies on the extreme generosity of its alumni and friends for support. University funding only partially covers the many needs of the Society. By donating to the Philodemic Society Gift Account, your money will go toward supporting the many ongoing development projects, financing the special debate events, subsidizing cup competitions with other Universities, and supporting the organizational costs of the society (such as room reservations, chair rentals, and printing costs).

We sincerely thank the many generous Alumni for their continued support.

John Dahlgren, after whom Dahlgren chapel is named, was a loyal donor to the Philodemic Society.How to Donate

How to Donate

To donate to the Society, click here to use Georgetown’s Hoya’s Online Donation Page. Please follow these steps for filling out your donation:

  1. In the section labeled “Direct your gift,” select “Other.”
  2. In the section labeled “Other 1” please list “Philodemic Society (On Campus Debate), Cost Center #:RT6886000′′In the section labeled “Special Instructions,” please specify that “The Philodemic Society (On Campus Debate)” should be the recipient of your donation.
  3. Please fill out your personal information.

If you have any questions about donating to the Philodemic Society, please contact our Treasurer.

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