Connecting with the Society

The Philodemic Society has three primary means of staying informed about current developments.  Please join one or more of these groups to stay informed about the happenings of the Society.

The Philodemic Facebook Page serves as our social media outlet, allowing members to discuss a wide range of issues and ideas. Philodemic events are also posted through Facebook.  If you are a fan of the Facebook Page, you will receive these invitations.

Membership:  Open to All


Email Newsletter

The Membership Secretary of the society sends out a weekly email with information about all upcoming philodemic events and opportunities.  If you would like to be added to the email listserv, simply send an email to the membership secretary (, subject line “Subscribe me to the Philodemic Listserv”.

Membership: Open to All

Philo Forum

We have an online discussion forum for members and non-members alike to continue the discussion beyond the Philodemic Room. Simply click the “Forum” tab in the top menu or click the link below to be directed to this forum. It is open to all but creating a login with Muut, the hosting site, is required.

Membership: Open to All



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