Alumni Philodemica


At the fall 2012 Hamilton Debate, a group of alumni came together to organize an alumni community for the Philodemic – a new Alumni Philodemica. They did this in recognition of the fact that the Philodemic Society is more than a just a college club:  it is one of the communities – perhaps the community – that defined their time at Georgetown.  A Society with such rich history, unique identity, and great people deserves an alumni group that can benefit its members throughout their lives.

How to Join

As an alumnus, you can be a part of this group by contacting  You’ll get the latest news from the board, and invitations to our events. Join us today!

Who We Are

The Alumni Philodemica is also incorporating as a 501c3 nonprofit, and working with the Philodemic Society to develop a fundraising vision.

This group is raising money for two important reasons:

  1. To pay for awesome events such as alumni gatherings in different cities, receptions at Merrick and Hamilton, networking for the Philodemic.
  2. To make strategic, development-focused investments in the Philodemic.  We want to buy things that the Philodemic can’t purchase for itself.  For day-to-day, operational funds we will drive more donations to the Philodemic gift account.

The Officers of the Alumni Philodemica:

Randal Drew, Andrew Rugg, Brian Harbour, Nick Iacono, Matthew Fairley, Jordon Nardino, Jon Deutsch


On Monday, September 22, 2014, the Alumni Philodemica hosted a career panel open to all current and past members and non-members associated with the Philodemic Society. Thanks to our great panelists, Chancellor Maya Noronha (COL ’05, LAW ’11), Mr. Neil Bradley (COL ’98), Ms. Maggie Sklar (COL ’01, LAW ’05), Mr. Garrett Hartzog (MSB ’98), Mr. David Gootzit (SFS ’99, MA ’10), and Mr. Rahul Singh (COL ’10, SCS ’13) for attending and contributing to the panel and a special thanks to Chancellor Nick Iacono (COL ’12) for participating in and moderating the panel.

Career Panel Career Thing

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