New Member Spotlight: Sam Appel

Pictured above: the newly-inducted Sam Appel and his mentor Ellen Reilly. 

On Thursday September 14th, the Society welcomed its newest member: Sam Appel! To help get to know our new fellow Philodemician, here’s a short spotlight on Sam. Like his fellow inductee, Matt Maury, Sam’s induction debate was on the topic “Resolved: It is unethical for anyone to attempt extraterrestrial contact.

Q: I’ll start with the basic bio questions. What year/class are you? Which school? What’s your major? And where are you from?

A: Sophomore, 2020, College, African American Studies and Chinese, NYCCCCC

Q: What’s the most useless superpower you can think of?

A: Super hunger

Q: Have you ever thought about how small and completely insignificant we all are on a cosmic scale? Do you wish I hadn’t just put that thought in your mind?

A: Almost every other day——-eh. It was there. The important thing, though, is to remember that regardless of how small we are, we aren’t necessarily insignificant. Equating size and importance is a classic social construct of our patriarchal, greedy, materialist society. Liberate yourself. We may be small in the universe, but not necessarily insignificant—that’s at least what I tell myself.

Q: Which Disney Princess™ are you? Why?

A: Mulan

Q: What is something trivial that you have a really strong opinion about? What is that opinion?

A: People should shampoo, thennnn body wash. Nottttt body wash, then shampoo.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to the Society?

A: #strikethroughStephenDouglas

If you would like to read the blog post for Sam’s induction debate, and perhaps learn a little about what crimes he’d consider committing just for the rush of it, click here.

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