Grand Semi Spring 2015


I am incredibly honored to record the longest Grand Semi in Philodemic history as a former Amanuensis. We devoted a total of 12 hours and 7 minutes to thoroughly discuss the candidates for leadership positions and our vision for the Society’s future. Although, without a quorum of two-third majority, we had to table seven constitutional amendments for future consideration, I am delighted to announce the Fall 2015 Officer Corps:

President: Ms. Madeline Ringwald (COL ’16) of New York

Vice President: Mr. Taylor Willis (SFS ’16) of Texas

Treasurer: Ms. Ann Ludtke (MSB ’18) of Connecticut

Membership Secretary: Mr. Alden Fletcher (SFS ’17) of Vermont

Librarian: Mr. Jonathan Marrow (COL ’18) of New Jersey

Amanuensis: Mr. Luke Schafer (COL ’16) of New York

Mr. Matt Harden shall continue his term as Corresponding Secretary. First and foremost, I heartily congratulate Ms. Madeline Ringwald for becoming our new President. I also congratulate the Society for its selection of what-will-be an exemplary Officer Corps!

We also inducted six honorary members who served as the judges for this year’s Merrick Debate:

The Honorable Thomas L. Ambro (COL, 72) (L. 1975)

Rev. David Collins, S.J.

Dr. Mark Giordano

The Honorable Maura Ann Harty (SFS ’81)

Mr. Joseph Lhota (MSB ’76)

Ms. Vija Udenans

We tabled these seven proposals for Constitutional Amendments:

I. Proposal to add to By-Laws, Article II a new section directly after Section 18:

Section 19:

The amanuensis shall, when resolutions are decided at business meetings, record who originally submitted the resolution for consideration. The amanuensis shall note this in the blog report and the librarian shall note it in the weekly program. (J. Marrow)

II. Proposal to add to By-Laws, Appendices, Appendix I: House Rules a subsection directly after subsection [10]:

[11] Hissing shall not be permitted except in response to extraordinarily vulgar, disrespectful, or debasing speech.” (L. Schafer)

III. Proposal to amend Constitution, Article V, subsection [3] to read

[3] No one can become an honorary member of this Society — except for distinguished services rendered to this country, to literature, art, or science, to the Philodemic Society, or to Alma Mater Georgetown. (W. Wilson)

IV. Proposal to amend Constitution, Article III, Section 3, subsection [4] to read:

[4] Two-thirds of all active members or 30 active members, whichever threshold is lower, shall constitute a quorum for consideration at a Grand Semi-Annual Meeting of Amendments to the Constitution (M. Mouch)

V. Proposal to add to Constitution, Article II, Section 2, subsection [2], part (b) to read:

[2] In exceptional circumstances, this requirement may be waived at the joint discretion of the mentor and membership secretary and the president.


Amend Constitution, Article II, Section 2, subsection [4] to read:

[4] Once a guest has satisfied the speaking requirements stated in clause two, part (a), they shall be assigned a mentor. (M. Mouch)

VI. Proposal to amend Constitution, Article V, Section 2, subsection [6] to read:

The power of appointing all committees shall be vested in the President, unless otherwise delegated. Furthermore, the President shall have the discretion to form a committee to recommend constitutional changes or contemplate the creation of a sister society and present these recommendations to the society. (M. Mouch)

VII. Proposal to change By-Laws, Appendices, Appendix II:

From “Sons of” to “Hail, o” (K. Landau)

Finally, I would like to honor Chancellor DiMisa and President Ringwald for their dedication and contribution presiding over this lengthened and heated debate. They deserve a huge round of applause!

And for the last time


Xinlan Hu

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