And on the 12th Day…

00 whoopie

For this last Day of Christmas (because tomorrow is the real thing!!), I will be sharing my most recent, and probably favorite, Philodemic-related memory. For those of you that don’t know me well, I am a STIA major from the great state of New Jersey, but with a large partiality towards Italy. My favorite color is yellow, because it’s bright and cheery, and before I decided I wanted to be the ambassador to Italy, I wanted to be a vet because I love animals. Oh, and I love to bake. Anyway, here it goes:

‘Twas the Saturday night after my CPS final and I wanted to go out and celebrate the end of my first final (huzzah, I was halfway through!). Now, I had previously just planned to go ice skating with Chris (can you believe he hadn’t been skating at the Waterfront, ever??), but upon arriving there, I walked in and found – I suppose not so shockingly – not one, not two, but ten Philodemicians all hanging out preparing themselves for a massive board games (it was none other than the Game of Thrones!). They had just achieved six players with a few observers, when I walked in and announced that we were going ice skating.

Now, perhaps you are among those that enjoy ice skating above all things. Or, maybe you would have never given up a chance to play the Game of Thrones. Well, there were both of those types of people at The Castle that night. In fact, while I quickly swayed Ms. Hernick to join us, others wanted to join us but were very reluctant to leave their game, especially since they had exactly six players. But after much cajoling and pleading, I managed to persuade the sixth player to join us and soon after the game collapsed, to be replaced with ice skating.

And so we left, a pretty enormous Philodemic pack, and walked down to the Waterfront, even picking up some sophomores along the way. We all entered the rink, having rented some skates and bought tickets of admission, only to realize that two among us really weren’t kidding when they said that they couldn’t skate. And to think it was probably the most dignified pair – our President-elect and our Chancellor! Well, fortunately we all helped them out (I pulled them for about 20 meters and I felt like I was giving them the thrills of their lives), and by the end, although we were fairly tired, everyone was totally happy that they went (another funny story – how 20 minutes in, the Zamboni came on and by the time it was done we only had 15 minutes left to skate). It was perhaps a short study break, but it was also a beautiful night spent with great friends.

But now that we’re at the end, I have two more things to say:

1. I have a confession; the 12 Days of Christmas are actually after Christmas until the Epiphany – I cheated and gave them to you guys a little bit early.

2. I’ll miss these blogs. It’s been real.

ELD for the last time and Merry Christmas!

Rosa Cuppari

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