And on the Tenth Day Came Sunday Dinners

Ladies and gentlemen of the Philodemic, today I have the honor of presenting you with Mr. Agree Ahmed of the senior class. Mr. Ahmed has been sadly absent this semester doing big things in Kenya, but will be back next semester. Where Mr. Mouch is the Society bro, I would even be so bold as to call Mr. Ahmed the Society artist. If you have ever been to T Street or the Castle, you have seen his works. Additionally, I believe he speaks Farsi – cool stuff guys. BUT, most importantly, he has the story behind Sunday dinners. This is going to be LEGEN – wait for it I hope you aren’t lactose intolerant – DARY:
“I was at a post-members drinks hangout at Sam Dulik’s (SFS ’13) house in January of my junior year (2013). A then-acquaintance of mine, Patrick Spagnuolo (SFS ’14), was talking to some friends about how he and his housemates in the unofficial Philodemic house in Burleith had been reduced to eating a Pizzaterian diet of frozen Digiorno. No one in the house wanted to cook. He said that he if anyone wanted to cook for him sometime this weekend, he would pay for all the ingredients, give the chef plenty of booze, and let the chef bring a friend. My eyebrows shot up.
I overheard this and asked if Pat liked Thai food. Pat responded by saying something like: “I live for peanut sauce.” It was a date! I got there on Sunday and cooked chicken green curry and pineapple-shrimp fried rice for 6, maybe 7, other Philodemecians. At the end of it, Pat was so satisfied that he asked if I wanted to do it again next Sunday. There’s been a group dinner at that same house every Sunday night ever since.”
And there you have it. We all owe Agree and Pat for starting Sunday dinners not too long ago. And to think it’s practically an official, Philodemic tradition.
Rosa Cuppari

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