On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…Ms. Laura Kurek!

On the eight day of Christmas my true love gave to me eight maids-a-milking and Ms. Laura Kurek, all the way from Russia! Ms. Kurek is an awesome junior in our Society who not only features in duets with Ms. Ringwald (more about that later!), but who can also freestyle rap (she’s pretty darn good). She’s from the windy city of Chicago and – wait for it – she has a twin! She has so many good memories from Philo, that she wrote two:
“I write this on my flight back from Russia. So following four months of studying the Russian language and after airplane food and a general lack of oxygen, I’ll try my best to be coherent with this.
Being away from the Hilltop for a semester has given me time to think back on my first two years there, and in doing so, I believe only now have I realized how much Philodemic has been apart of my college experience. That being said, it is almost impossible to pick one story, so indulge me as I recount a few.
First would have to be my induction speech. The resolution was something Machiavellian: it is better to be a feared leader, I believe. Whatever it was, I decided that the best way to open would be to quote Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction, specifically the bible passage he reads before the movie’s first shoot up. I was a little nervous that effect would be diminished as while it is a famous scene in American cinema, the exact words of the quote are not as well known, and it really does sound just like another bible passage. In short, I feared the Society would think some freshman was reciting scripture for no given reason to open her induction speech.
Trembling a bit, I took the dais, settled my papers, and gave the society a mischievous, albeit a tad nervous, grin. And then I said,
‘The path of the righteous man-‘
And before I got to line two, about 10 Philodemicians had already vocalized instant recognition of the quote and resulting joy. I knew then immediately I was among my kind of people, and continued to give my speech, trying to to suppress the enormous grin that wanted to spread across my face. But when waxing poetic on political theory, a more solemn expression is called for.
Second would be Christmas debate freshman year. For those who know my history with Philodemic, I was one of the poor freshman souls who went to virtually every debate, but never got called on until late November. So Christmas debate had come and I had only given one speech, and thus was still somewhat of an unknown in the Society. But my lovely friend Madeline Ringwald and I had the ingenious idea to sing ‘Oh Baby it’s Cold Outside’, as the solution read- All I want for Christmas, is you.
I was called on by Mr. President (at the time Andrew Marsh), stood up and professed that all I wanted for Christmas was someone in that very room. And then I sang, ‘I really can’t stay..’
To which, Madeline got up from her seat and replied, ‘But baby it’s cold outside.’
And in this corny, choreographed way, I introduced myself to the Philodemic Society at large. A little crazy? Perhaps. But what Philodemic does best is crazy. Crazy people doing crazier things. And that is why I love it so.
Happy holidays Philodemic!”
Rosa Cuppari

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