Seven swans and a Christensen


Today marks day two and a half of being home, and I have officially lost track of the days. What a beautiful feeling. Hopefully you guys are feeling something close to that.

But, more importantly today is the story of how Ms. Julia Christensen began coming to Philodemic (ah, these stories are so lovely!). Ms. Christensen was the most intimidating speaker to me for all of last year (she has a serious Sasha Fierce speaking style – maybe it’s because she does mock trial), but after actually getting to know her between Philodemic barbecues, walks to Martin’s, and our CPS class, I realized how kind she is. As such, I had to pick the picture with her hugging a dog. So here goes it:

“The first debate to really draw me in wasn’t my first. Rather, it was my second, not because everyone spoke so eloquently or forced me to think (although of course they did) but because I disagreed with every single speech AND didn’t get called on. Typical Philo newbie problems… That night I was introduced to the all too Philo belief that I had something to contribute and that the perspectives of many can expand the individual visions of us all. It’s that belief that has kept me coming back to the society all these years.”

^We have all been there…I kind of want to collect all of the stories of how everyone decided to join the Philodemic. We would have a neat little history there.


Rosa Cuppari

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