And today, the honor of being the golden rings goes to Ms. Dimitra Rallis whose memory (especially the attached gif-it cracks me up that someone had the foresight to record this moment) is possibly my favorite thus far.

Ms. Dimitra Rallis is a tough New Yorker who, if you didn’t know, keynoted the Christmas debate. Although I hadn’t seen much of her before this semester, I have managed to run into her and Mr. Wang at Leo’s several times in this past week alone (they’re staking out Leo’s like deadly assassins!!). In addition to being an awesome person, I am also told that Ms. Rallis “does Greek stuff” – maybe one day I’ll find out what that means. Here’s what she has to share:

“I started attending Philodemic debates my sophomore year because my pal Chris urged me to do it. In the fall semester, we debated the resolution “Resolved: Money should be considered speech.” Constantine Petallides, one of my favorite humans of the Philodemic Society, demonstrated how dangerous it would be if money were considered speech by listing seven swears (the late George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words), showering the Philodemic Society in $35 in singles, and walking out of the room as if he had just performed the proverbial mic drop. Here is that moment: ”

Only Philodemic gives you these kinds of memories. And fines. But it’s all so worth it.


Rosa Cuppari

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