And on the fourth day of christmas…MICHAEL MOUCH!



On the fourth day of Christmas finals were almost over – the best Christmas present. Philodemic never ends though, so here’s your daily dose of philo-cheer 🙂

Mr. Michael Mouch is a senior in our beloved Society that I have known best for two things: his love of baseball (if you didn’t know that before this semester, you certainly found it out at the Bonds debate), and his comical speeches. I am constantly impressed by Mr. Mouch though, since I never know what to expect: sometimes he’s hysterical, and at other times he delivers fantastic speeches that hit the nail on the head. All that aside, I think Mr. Mouch has been both a librarian for our grand group, and the Society bro – no election needed. Here’s what he has to say:

“For me my favorite moments have been seeing my mentees inducted. Knowing that the Philodemic has gained a new member who will contribute to and enhance our society’s nearly 200 years of history is a particular point of pride for me. For me it was an honor to be able to perform the toast for Andrew, and it was also great to snap a few photos of Mac when he was inducted. It feels good to give back to a society that has given me so much.”

(side note: I was inducted on Dean Gordon, and boy oh boy, there was not even one speech on my side. Granted, I was affirming that Disney was destroying America but…)


Rosa Cuppari

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