Three Mac Dinneens, Two Turtle Doves, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree



Tonight my friends, I promised you three Mac Dinneens. I actually only have one, but I promise he won’t disappoint. Mr. Dinneen has been a wonderful member of the society, contributing sass, serious[ly sarcastic] speeches, and some wonderfully long (and deadly?) stories about taking over the Philodemic to keep us entertained while we reach quorum for Grand Semi. Another fun fact is that he doesn’t have many pictures on Facebook and he hasn’t changed at all since 2012 (see picture). Here’s one of his proud memories:

“When Chris DiMisa was introducing me to some other people not long ago, the fact he brought up to explain my notability as a Philodemician was that I had done something that has not otherwise been replicated in his tenure as a member. In Merrick Season long ago, when I myself had not yet been inducted, I was called upon to give a non-member speech. I cannot recall exactly what debate it was for or what I said, but enough people seemed to like it, and that is really all that counts. I do remember someone, Michael Desnick I believe, audibly asking what my name was, the heavy implication being that he was going to vote for me on his Merrick ballot for that evening.

That night I received a single Merrick point and was therefore immortalized on the tally sheet for the rest of the semester. Having received zero Merrick points or elected offices in the semesters since, it remains the zenith of my career in our Society to this point. That was actually the fear I had at the time; yes, it was nice to have done something so “extraordinary” that early in my career, but would a lack of subsequent success crystalize in hindsight that moment as a fluke, as something that I would never be able to replicate? The answer, at least to this moment in time, is yes, although I suppose I still have three semesters left to do something about it.”

(shameless plug come to the Zoo Lights tomorrow!)


Rosa Cuppari

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