On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…Madeleine Ringwald!

Happy Sunday guys! 🙂 Today we’re hearing from Ms. Madeleine Ringwald. Ms. Ringwald is also currently abroad in Scotland, but you can be sure you’ll meet her, if you haven’t, from day 1 next semester. Ms. Ringwald has been both an Amanuensis and a Membership Secretary, and was also heavily involved with starting up Active Minds last semester. Here’s her memories:
“First memory: During my induction debate, I keynoted whether the U.S. should depose Bashar al-Assad, with Colleen Wood (middle east knowledge maestro) and against my mentor, Sam Dulik. They’re two of the speakers I admired (still admire) most and two of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever seen on the Philodemic floor. During her closing keynote, Colleen stood with her back to the Society, hands in the air pinning up an imaginary banner, asking us to imagine the day when the United States would ever say we were done, that enough is enough. Imagine Mr. Dulik as president, standing just where Mr. Bush did, in front of a banner that read “Mission Accomplished.” When, she asked, would the mission be accomplished? It was likely my favorite speech I’ve ever seen delivered.
Second memory: Sophomore I was meant to keynote “Marriage is an outdated institution.” I chose the debate because it was the weekend my family was coming from upstate NY to visit me at Georgetown for the first time. Thursday morning and day were consumed by a blizzard, and we were told we couldn’t use Healy for the debate as it’d be shut down. I begged Chris to still host the debate so my family could see it. He and Abby Grace, miracle workers that they are, arranged to hold it in Leavey Program Room. My family’s flight was cancelled, but I have not forgotten the kindness of the officers who kept the debate on and friends both from Philodemic and outside of Philodemic who trekked to the debate through a foot of snow to be my pseudo-family.”
(on an end note, I do remember that trek through the snow – I couldn’t believe we were still having Philodemic! I think we were the only club to do anything that day)
Rosa Cuppari

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