Fall 2014 Grand Semi


This year, the Society fortunately gathered in Healy 104, with windows to let in the sunshine and breakfast galore (seriously, the bribes to come to Grand Semi are getting better each time). It took a solid 33 minutes to reach quorum, but after that it was smooth sailing. That is, until elections. Grand Semi this year went from 10 am to 10 pm, but there was an incredible amount of dedication (and a fair amount of desperation…) in the room all day. At the end, we came out with our wonderful Spring 2015 Officer Corps:

President: Mr. Michael Christopher Whelan (COL ’16) of Connecticut

Vice President: Ms. Asha Thanki (SFS ’17) of Missouri

Corresponding Secretary: Mr. Matthew Harden (SFS ’17) of North Carolina

Membership Secretary: Mr. Jeffrey Naft (COL ’17) of New York

Librarian: Mr. Victor Wang (NHS ’15) of Maryland

Amanuensis: Ms. Xinlan Hu (SFS ’18) of China

The Treasurer, Mr. Perez-Reyes, will be finishing his term at the end of this spring. The president and corresponding secretary are a year-long position, but the remaining positions will be completed at the end of the next semester. President DiMisa will become Chancellor, and will of course continue to guide the Society in the upcoming semester. Again, I want to offer a huge congratulations to our new Officer Corps and especially Mr. Whelan. I am so excited to see what they will be doing in the upcoming semester.

The Society also chose to extend honorary membership to Ms. Linda Eang of Cambodia, who visited us during her two week tour of the United States as winner of the debating show Next Generation, sponsored by the International Republican Institute.

The Society also chose to pass the following amendments to our Constitution and alternations to By-Laws:

I. Added to Article II, Section 2 of the By-Laws:

The vote of the majority to determine the outcome of the debates shall always be sufficient. Abstentions shall not be counted toward either side when determining the outcome of the debates.

II. Degendering:

Amended in Article V, Section 1, Paragraph 3:

[3] The Moderator may criticize the several performances of the members, such as Essays, Orations, and Debates; when necessary the Moderator may restrain all breaches of order; and also when necessary the Moderator may explain the rules of order. (1899, 2004)

Amended in Article VII, Section 2:

If a body should so organize, be it further resolved that the President of the University is hereby vested with the power of choosing from the faculty a fit person as presiding officer to said body who shall see that the provisions of section first of this act be complied with, and who shall retain this office for a period of three months –after which the Society may elect a President of their own choice in a manner prescribed by law. (2004)

Amended in Article VII, Section 4:

And be it further enacted that a copy of this Act of Dissolution be given to the President of University every three years during the period of dissolution, and to every newly appointed President immediately upon entering into office, and that the President’s signature thereto be requested.

Amended in Article III, Section 4, Paragraph 6:

[6] The failure of any Merrick Keynoter to disclose such a bias will result in that member’s ineligibility to keynote at Merrick. Such ineligibility shall be declared by the President. The Keynoter’s position will thus be filled according to Section 3, Article III, Subsection 4 of the by-laws.


Rosa Cuppari

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