Pre-debate Articles




To get all of you guys psyched, I decided to find a few articles about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on both sides of the debate (along with a one sentence summary, you’re welcome) to spur some ideas. The Philodemic Society does especially encourage extemporaneous speeches that respond to the previous speaker, but if you want to compare a few facts and opinions before the debate, check these out! And definitely feel free to do some research on your own-these articles don’t have it all and should only be used as a starting point. In the future, you will probably note that links to articles or book summaries will be posted on the event page for the debate.

See you all tomorrow,


Rosa Cuppari



Three reasons why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has had a positive effect: it raises money, encourages people to donate to charities, and it is raising enough money to matter

It’s raised an undeniably enormous quantity of money

It’s more than nothing (and it’s hard to call it selfish)



ALS is bandwagoning on a previous stunt that added charitable giving as an afterthought, and doesn’t even educate people about the illness

The challenge is taking money from other charities and giving it to a charity that is ineffective at making change—actually causing net harm (moral licensing, cannibalism)

Most of the money doesn’t even end up going to research (see awesome pie chart!) 


An economist’s perspective:

Water Waste:


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