Grand Semi Spring 2014

In keeping with tradition, the Society gathered in a windowless ICC classroom for hours on end to determine its future. It was a long and often tedious endeavor, but this now-former Amanuensis was impressed as ever with the Philodemic Society’s devotion to doing things the right way. Not an amendment was shortchanged and all candidates were given their due. After much discussion and several rounds of voting, we can confidently announce our Fall 2014 Officer Corps:

Vice President: Mr. Warren Wilson (SFS ’15) of Florida

Treasurer: Mr. Alejandro Perez-Reyes (COL ’17) of Virginia

Membership Secretary: Mr. Michael Whelan (COL ’16) of Connecticut

Librarian: Mr. Riley Mellen (SFS ’15) of Rhode Island

Amanuensis: Ms. Rosa Cuppari (SFS ’17) of New Jersey

Mr. Christopher DiMisa and Ms. Emily Coccia shall continue their terms as President and Corresponding Secretary, respectively.

I thank the Society for thinking me worthy to serve as Membership Secretary and offer a hearty congratulations to all my fellow newly-elected officers!


We also inducted honorary members. Huzzah!

The Reverend Stephen Fields, S.J.

Councilman David Grosso (L ’01)

Mr. T. Michael Kerr

Ms. Erin Matson (COL ’02)

Ms. Mary Patrice Brown (SFS ’78, L’82)

Dr. Elizabeth G. Arsenault


The Society voted to amend the Constitution as follows:

I. Adds to Article V, Section 8 two new subsections directly after subsection 1:

[2] The Amanuensis shall keep a blog recounting each debate held by the Society.

[3] Once a Journal of the Society has been filled, the Amanuensis shall archive it with print copies of each blog post pertaining to that Journal.


Amends the former subsection 4, now subsection 6, to read

[6] For each week’s debate, the Amanuensis shall communicate in writing to the President and Membership Secretary the resolution, keynoters, non-member speeches, result and any induction within a day of the debate


II. Removes Article V, Section 8, subsection 5 which read:

[5] The Amanuensis shall maintain an up-to-date list of all non-members’ speeches.  The non-member speaking list shall be updated weekly following each debate and submitted to the President and the Membership Secretary.  (2008)


Adds the following subsection directly after Article V, Section 6, subsection 1:

[2] The Membership Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date list of all non-members’ speeches and update it weekly following each debate.


III. A De-gendering Amendment

At four pages, this amendment is far too long to include here. In a lengthy but necessary process, the Society reworded every instance of gendered language in both the Constitution and By-Laws to be gender-neutral while still maintaining the original grammar and sprit of these important historical documents.


Finally, I wish a very Happy Birthday to Ms. Colleen Wood, who braved a Grand Semi on her most special day of the year. Huzzah for dedication!


And so for the last time I say


Michael Whelan

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