Results of the Fall 2013 Grand Semi-Annual Meeting

It gives me great pleasure that my last task as your fall 2013 Amanuensis will be announcing the results of the 2013 Fall Grand Semi-Annual Meeting. A hearty congratulations, first and foremost, goes to Mr. Chris DiMisa (COL ’15) for his election as the 2014 president of the Philodemic Society.

The officer election results are as follows:

President: Mr. Chris DiMisa (COL ’15) of Maryland

Vice President: Ms. Anna Hernick (SFS ’16) of Georgia

Corresponding Secretary: Ms. Emily Coccia (COL ’15) of Pennsylvania

Membership Secretary: Ms. Madeleine Ringwald (COL ’16) of New York

Librarian: Mr. Gregory Miller (SFS ’14) of Ohio

Amanuensis: Mr. Michael Whelan (COL ’16) of Connecticut

The presidential and corresponding secretary positions last the duration of the spring and fall semesters of 2014, and the others, the spring semester of 2014. Ms. Grace will be completing her term, and outgoing President Prindiville will retire to become Chancellor after a wonderful presidency. Furthermore, the Society voted to pass the following amendments to our Constitution and alterations to By-Laws.

I. Amend and add the following language to Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 15:
[15] The rights of Active Membership shall be defined as:
(a) Submitting one’s own name for a keynote address.
(b) Voting at regular business meetings of the Society.
(c) Attending, voting, and submitting constitutional amendments for consideration at a Grand Semi-Annual Meeting of the Society.
(d) Standing for election to an office of this Society.

II. Add sub-section [5] to Article II, Section 4 as follows:
[5] Alumni members shall be excluded from the exercise of the rights of Active Membership, as defined in Article II, Section 2.

III. Add sub-section [4] to Article II, Section 5 as follows:
[4] Honorary members shall be excluded from the exercise of the rights of Active Membership, as defined in Article II, Section 2.

IV. Add the following to Article III, Section 4, Subsection 8 of the By-Laws:
[8]: The Vice President shall orient the Merrick Judges prior to the opening of the Merrick Debate and again prior to their deliberations. When orienting the Merrick Judges prior to their deliberations, the Vice President shall:

(a) Inform the Merrick Judges of the following deliberative rules: (i) The Merrick Medal may only be awarded to one of the Merrick Keynoters by a majority vote. (ii) The Merrick Judges are tasked with selecting the Merrick Keynoter who best exemplifies the Society’s motto: “Eloquence in the Defense of Liberty.” (iii) The Merrick Judges must select a Foreman or Forewoman to award the Merrick Medal. (iv) Deliberations and voting of the judges are strictly closed and secret.

(b) At no time bias the Merrick Judges by expressing preference for one Merrick Keynoter over any other.

V. Amend Article IV, Section 2 , subsection [3] as follows:

[3] No officer shall be deprived of his office for neglect of duty or failure to uphold his oath unless by the vote of two-thirds of the Active Members of the Society. Upon the written petition of at least one-third of the active members of the Society or upon the written petition of at least two thirds of the voting officer, the president may entertain a motion at a regularly-scheduled business meeting to deprive an officer of his office by recall. At least one week’s notice of the president’s intent to entertain such a motion shall be given to all undergraduate members, both active and non-active. The President shall instruct members that their consideration of depriving an officer of his office by recall may only be made on the merits of the charge that he neglected the duty of his office or the charge that he failed to uphold his oath, or both charges. The recall of an officer will result in a permanent vacancy of that office, which shall be filled by election at the next regularly-scheduled business meeting, pursuant to Article IV, Section 1, Subsection 8.

VI. Repeal Article II, Section 4, Subsection [4]

[4] The seniority of a member of the Philodemic applies up to the senior debate of the college class they were part of when they were inducted.  If they do not graduate, but re-enroll or remain enrolled as an undergraduate at Georgetown, they are placed at the bottom of the seniority list of all those current seniors who were inducted during their freshman year. (2011)

VII. Add Section 11 to Article II as follows:

Section 11: The Signifer

[1] The President shall appoint the signifer, whose responsibility is to bear the seal of the Society and produce, develop, and protect her visual and online identity.

[2] The Signifer shall have no other voting rights beyond those of a non-officer.

[3] The Signifer shall assist all officers in producing external publications, ensuring that their production and design is befitting of the Society.

[4] The Signifer shall manage, develop, and protect the online presence of the Society.

[5] The President may appoint an elected officer of the Society or a non-officer as signifer; if the
president appoints an elected officer, the officer shall retain both titles and the duties of both offices. The Office of Signifer is thus exempt from the stipulations of Article IV, Section 2, subsection of 1 of the Constitution.

Add Sub-section 8 to Article IV, Section 2 as follows:

[8] The President shall appoint a Signifer to be promulgated by the second Debate of every semester.

VIII. Amend Article II, Section 2, subsection [7] as follows:

[7] After the debate in which the inductee delivers his or her first keynote, and before any other official Society business is conducted, he or she shall be inducted into the Society.

And thus concludes the results of our 11-hour Grand Semi-Annual Meeting! A warm congratulations goes out to those newly elected members of the Officer Corps, and a thank you to all attending members for their dedication to the Society. Huzzah!


Madeleine M. Ringwald

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