Spring 2013 Grand Semi-Annual Meeting Results

As the outgoing amanuensis, it is my pleasure to announce the results of the Philodemic Society’s Spring 2013 Grand Semi-Annual Meeting. First, congratulations are in order to Mr. Patrick Spagnuolo (SFS ’14), Ms. Abigail Grace (SFS ’16), Mr. Michael Mouch (SFS ’15), and Ms. Madeleine Ringwald (COL ’16), on their elections to the Officer Corps, as well as to Mr. Chris DiMisa (COL ’15) for his re-election as membership secretary. The Fall 2013 Officer Corps will consist of:

  • President: Mr. Peter Prindiville
  • Vice President: Mr. Patrick Spagnuolo
  • Treasurer: Ms. Abigail Grace
  • Corresponding Secretary: Ms. Amanda Wynter
  • Membership Secretary: Mr. Chris DiMisa
  • Librarian: Mr. Michael Mouch
  • Amanuensis: Ms. Madeleine Ringwald

Second, we voted to induct a number of honorary members into the Society. Honorary members are recognized for their contribution to the Philodemic Society and its mission, as well as their embodiment of the Society’s motto of eloquence in defense of liberty. I am pleased to announce that the following esteemed citizens have been extended an honorary membership:

  • Rev. Pat Conroy, S.J.
  • Mr. Clark S. Judge
  • Mr. James Robertson
  • Mr. Paul Sprenger
  • Mr. Albert Wynn
  • Ms. Rachel S. Kronowitz
  • Rev. David J. Collins, S.J.

Finally, the Constitution has been updated to reflect amendments that were adopted at this Grand Semi. These amendments include:

  • Article V, Section 10: Relevant to the duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms

    [4] It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms, in coordination with the Vice President in the fall or Chancellor in the spring, to conduct at least four Speakers’ Workshops per semester. The primary goal of these Workshops shall be to foster competence in rhetoric, logic, and argumentation, especially in those members and non-members who do not regularly have the opportunity to speak on the Philodemic floor.

  • Article III, Section 6: Relevant to the Caroe Award

    [1] The Jessica Caroe Award for Progress in Eloquence, in honor of Jessica Caroe (COL ’06), shall be awarded to the Philodemic Member inducted since the previous Caroe Debate, who has demonstrated the greatest improvement in eloquence in his or her extemporaneous floor speeches since his or her first speech on the floor of the Society. 

    [3] All active members shall be eligible to select the recipient of the Caroe Medal.

    [5] In order to ensure that all members who were inducted during that academic year have a sufficient opportunity to demonstrate their improvement in eloquence, the floor speakers at the Caroe Debate shall not be chosen based on seniority.

  • Article III, Section 4: Relevant to the Merrick Medal

    [5] It shall be the duty of the Merrick Keynoters to inform the Vice President of any factor that may bias a Merrick Judge. Should such a case arise, the Judge shall not be eligible to be a Merrick Judge. A factor that may bias a Merrick Judge shall be at the discretion of the President.

    (a) The failure of a Merrick Keynoter to disclose such a bias will result in his ineligibility to be a Merrick Keynoter. Such ineligibility shall be declared by the President. The Keynoter’s position will thus be filled according to Section 3, Article III, Subsection 4 of the by-laws.

    (b) Merrick Keynoters are precluded from interacting with or otherwise biasing the judges at any point before or during the Merrick Debate.

    [6] The Vice President shall orient the Merrick Judges prior to the opening of the Merrick Debate and again before their deliberations.

    [7] The Vice President shall orient the Merrick Judges before their deliberations and inform them that they are tasked with selecting the Merrick Keynoter who best exemplifies the Society’s motto: “Eloquence in the Defense of Liberty.”

    (a) The Vice President shall at no time bias the Merrick Judges by expressing preference for one Merrick Keynoter over any other.

    (b) Deliberations and voting of the judges are strictly closed and secret.

    (c) The Vice President shall inform the Judges of the following deliberative rules: (i) The Merrick Medal may only be awarded to one of the Merrick Keynoters by a majority vote. (ii) The Merrick Judge Panel must select a Foreman or Forewoman to award the Merrick Medal.

  • Article I, Section 2[2]: Relevant to the requirements for membership eligibility

    (b) Non-members must have attended at least one Speaker’s Workshop prior to becoming eligible for membership. Those who are already eligible for membership at the time of passage are exempt from this amendment.

That wraps up what resulted from an eight-hour meeting in the ICC on the Sunday after Georgetown Day. Huzzah to the members who were present for their dedication to the Society and its traditions.

Chloe J. Krawczyk

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