Summer Philodemic Practice

Exciting news from the Philodemic Society! Debating does not end with the school year! Over the summer the Society welcomes members, non-members, and alumni to join in practice debates and oratory practices. The Society will convene on Thursday evenings from 8:00 to 10:00 pm to have practice debates. The smaller crowd will allow for a focus on speech improvement as well as offering the added benefit of having multiple speeches in an evening. Saturdays will be focused on oratorical skills with readings from Shakespeare and other notable authors. The Saturday times are flexible, and the environment will be more informal.

The first debate will be Thursday May 17th in Gaston Hall, and the resolution is Resolved: Literature is Dead. I look forward to seeing many of you there and over the summer!


Christopher M. DiMisa

3 thoughts on “Summer Philodemic Practice

  1. I read the “literature is dead” debate … if literature is dead when was the Philodemic Society ever alive? More importantly, if that was agreed on what does that have to say about the Society as a whole? A theme which might be agreeable for the society would be, “Are we snobs, and if so why doesn’t the world tell us?”

  2. I agree. People shouldn’t debate ideas if they don’t agree with them already. Instead, they should focus on putting down others for practicing their public speaking skills. Also, all statements should be rhetorical questions?

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