1984 Presents the More Realistic Dystopia

The Society met on November 17 to examine the question Resolved: Brave New World, and not 1984, presents the more realistic dystopia.

Vice President Henderson and Ms. Julia Christensen, making her induction, spoke on the affirmation.  Mr. Scott Garosshen and Ms. Emily Coccia, making her induction, spoke on the negation.

Ms. Christensen began by arguing that the sacrifice of that which makes us distinct is the dystopia of Brave New World.  She then outline four trends through which our society is moving toward the dystopia of Brave New World.  Ms. Coccia focused on the role of doublethink in 1984 and the American ideal of meritocracy.  She also discussed the role of scientific modifications on life.  After asserting that “you need not fear tyrants,” Vice President Henderson suggested that hope is a requirement for a dystopia and that Brave New World presents the more stable dystopia.  Mr. Garosshen discussed different historical examples of violent revolutions and the resulting lack of stability.  He then argued that we must think outside a world that is sex-filled and pleasurable.

Mr. Arber began the floor portion of debate by discussing the ability for citizens to flee the dystopia asserting that only in Brave New World can we run away from the dystopia.  Beginning a common thread, Mr. Miller discussed the role of information in our lives.  Mr. Rinaldi continued by addressing the role of technology.  In a change of pace, Ms. Winter, quoting the great Tocqueville,  maintained that Brave New World shows us that only through action can we progress.

The Society voted 37-36-5 to negate the resolution.

The best speakers of the evening, as chosen by the keynoters, were Mr. Stephen Taft, and Mr. Rich Rinaldi.

The Society inducted Ms. Christensen and Ms. Coccia.  Huzzah!


Peter A. Prindiville


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