Occupy Wall Street Represents American Values

Weekly Debates

The Society met on November 3 to examine the question Resolved: Wall Street, and not its occupiers, better represents American values.

Mr. Sam Biesiada and Mr. Adam Governale, making his induction, spoke on the affirmation.  Mr. Robert Silverstein and Ms. Hannah Miller, making her induction, spoke on the negation.

Mr. Governale began by arguing that our country values equality of opportunity, not outcome, and that Wall Street is the epitome of a meritocracy.  Mr. Silverstein countered these arguments, citing recent corporate greed cases to prove that Wall Street, in fact, is antithetical to American values.  Mr. Biesiada then considered the workers on Wall Street and their goals and aspirations.  Ms. Miller, in a fantastic induction keynote, discussed the diversity of the Occupy Wall Street movement, their participation in the democratic process, and the role of free and fair competition, arguing that these were three primary American values.

Floor debate was heated.  Mr. Prindiville began by discussing the role of small businesses and investment capital from Wall Street.  Mr. Bade reflected on his recent experiences with the Occupy DC movement, and informed the Society of its egalitarian and effective organizational structure.  Without fail, Vice President Henderson submitted that, in fact, we are created twice.  Countering questions on the floor about the goals of the Occupy movement, Ms. Green attempted to redirect the debate.  She argued that the movement’s dreams involve their government, and not a redistribution of wealth.  In the final speech of the evening, Mr. Manchester passionately argued that the money of Wall Street “runs the wheels of this country… and spurs innovation.”

The Society voted 29-45-6 to negate the resolution.

The best speakers of the evening, as chosen by the keynoters, were Mr. Mike Manchester, and Mr. Scott Garosshen.

The Society inducted Ms. Miller and Mr. Governale.  Huzzah!


Peter A. Prindiville


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