The Lady Macbeth Debate

The Philodemic gaily gathered round

Amidst the well-worn seats of ICC

To join in mental fray about the deeds

Macbeth’s dear wife  in him perhaps conceived.

Miss Colleen Wood began the night quite well

And argued Macbeth’s wife had pushed the man

until he lost belief in life itself.

Miss Claire McCarthy countered and compelled

Through words and text oft sourced from th’ Bard himself.

Miss Sonia Kikeri introduced

Once more the regal threat Desnickian.

And Mister Jacob Arber demonstrates

Macbeth’s own high ambitions are his fall.

The floor debate portrayed the eloquence

of members of all passions and pursuits

And in the end elected to affirm

The Lady’s pow’r had caused her spouse’s doom.

Please join us next week at 8pm on Thursday in ICC Auditorium for the Christmas Debate!

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