The French Revolution Debate

Weekly Debates

(Courtesy of Mr. Iacono, whose summary took the cake, pun intended). “Mes chers Philodemiciens et Philodemiciennes! This Thursday, the Philodemic Society affirmed by a vote of 31-24-1 that the French Revolution advanced liberty. Monsieur Tosetti captivated the audience by portraying the Revolution as raising the common man and granting him his self-determination while Vice-président Cantirino decried the Revolution for having equality and not liberty as its end. The Jacobins, Girondists, and the rest of the floor speakers also continued the conversation, arguing back and forth as to how deep the causal roots of the Revolution were tied to the tree of liberty. Despite the great passion and fervor of the debate, Madame President was thankfully not guillotined (despite references to “let them eat cake”), the Officer Corps was not imprisoned in Healy Tower, and we all retired to Martin’s for a terrific evening of food, drink, and conversation.”

Please join the Society this Thursday at 8pm to discuss the topic “Resolved: Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant.”


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