The Election Debate

Weekly Debates

The Philodemic Society convened to address the question “Whether the Republican or the Democratic Party should control the 112th Congress”. The house spiritedly mingled and chatted before the debate began, and such high spirits continued throughout the floor portion. Mr. Dustin Walker (SFS ’11) of Idaho opened with a passionate plea for balanced politics and a divided government. Moving towards partisan concerns, Mr. Walker highlighted the abrogation of difficult choices by congressional Democrats. In response, Mr. Benjamin Snow (COL ’13) of Washington highlighted the bold, assertive legislative agenda of the Democrats and decried Republican factionalism. Mr. Jacob Arber (SFS ’14) carried forth the idea of balancing, pointing to Republican successes under Clinton. Mr. Downes promptly responded that Mr. Arber’s claim relied upon a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy and offered instead a view of Republicans as fearmongers. Mr. Henderson lauded the Tea Party as Americans getting involved in two particular issues: expansive government and the national debt. Mr. Desnick argued for Democratic control because, in his words, “the worst they can do is nothing.” Mr. Snow concluded that Republicans had every incentive to see America fail, while Mr. Walker wrapped things up with a renewed call for balance. All parties enjoyed the round, but especially the Republicans, whose control was approved 34-7-26.

Please join us next week for “Resolved: the French Revolution advanced liberty.”



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