The Greed Debate

Weekly Debates

The Philodemic Society gathered in our beloved Philodemic room to discuss the resolution “Resolved: Greed is Good.” The atmosphere of the room was electric and exhilarating. Making his induction, Mr. Benjamin Snow (COL ’13) of Washington, with booming voice, asserted that greed is good because it produces a better system. On the negation, and making her induction, Miss Mariele Marki (MSB ’13) of Connecticut drew the Society’s attention to the fundamental opposition of happiness and greed, and challenged Mr. Snow’s assumptions. On the affirmation, keynoter Mr. Alex Henderson (COL ’12) of North Carolina encouraged the society to view greed as the engine of progress and to, like Icarus, fly close to the spun. And as the last negation speaker, Mr. Jon Askonas (SFS ’13)  challenged the assumption that self-interest was synonymous with greed and compared greed to an unending hunger. Floor speeches  were, naturally, excellent. Mr. Biesiada reminded the Society of the benefits it reaps from the greed of merchants trading around the world. Mr. Topf argued that greed can have good or bad effects, but is certainly not of necessity good. Mr. Rahul Garavide (COL ’13) presented the Society with the motif of Mr. Krabs as an example of greed. Miss McCarthy countered that having desires does not make us greedy and questioned whether our mothers would have us be greedy. In the end, the affirmation, it appears, was not greedy enough; the society negated the resolution 30-34 with 2 abstaining.

Please join us next week for “Resolved: Modern American unions do more harm than good.”



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