Hamilton Alumni Debate

Weekly Debates

The Society gathered last Sunday, September 26th, to debate the topic “Resolved: The United States should open its borders.” It was wonderful to once again benefit from the wisdom and experience of our esteemed alumni. Mr. Sriranga Dattetreya (COL ’05) of New Jersey drew attention to the checkered past of our nation’s immigration policy and called for a labor policy regulated by the free market and not arbitrary standards. Mr. Martin Skold (SFS ’05) of Wisconsin retorted that the policies of the United States ought to ensure that she remains sovereign, free, and safe. Mr. Skold promoted pragmatic reform as a promising alternative to reckless ideology. Mr. Martin Frenkel (SFS ’05) of New Jersey urged the Philodemic to reject the old arguments presented by the negation and embrace the economic and cultural strengths embodied by the land of the free. Last of the keynoters, Mr. Brian Griffin (COL ’05) of Mississippi drew attention to the necessity of protecting American culture from the potentially massive influx of immigrants unleashed by the affirmations policy.
The floor speeches, both from undergraduates and alumni, contested the numerous undercurrents of the resolution. Miss Sarah Olson compared US immigration policy to Georgetown’s selective admissions processes, while Miss Emma Green contested negation fears of cultural invasion. Mr. Alex Henderson demonstrated that immigrants assimilate with wealth and that limited immigration would create an American underclass. In response, Mr. Silvio Gutierrez argued that fair immigration policies require liberal immigration policies, and that the current situation is unjust. As the debate drew to a close, the Society remained narrowly divided on the issue. In the end, the Society negated the resolution 16-19.

Thanks so much to our alumni for once again returning to the Philodemic! And a special congratulations to Miss Jordan Daniels for winning the Hamilton Medal.

Join us this Thursday at 8pm in the Philodemic Room to debate “Resolved: Greed is Good.”



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