9/9/2010 – The Ground Zero Mosque Debate

The Philodemic convened for a passionate and lively debate this evening, “Resolved: The Ground Zero Mosque Represents American Values.” Affirmation keynoter Mr. Samuel Dulik emphasized the positive history of American values and the importance of standing up for rightness, tolerance, and our storied past. Negation keynoter Mr. Nicholas Iacono countered with his take on the shadowy history of Imam Rauf and the necessity to exercise caution. Floor speeches exquisitely exposited on diverse conceptions of American values. Miss Green introduced the important concept of dialogue as an American value, while Mr. Myers highlighted the ludicrous nature of the dialogue as it currently exists. Mr. Desnick contended that to not build the mosque was to let the terrorists win. And, in a touching speech, Mr. Medina noted the sacredness of death and our obligation to respect the deaths of real people. It was indeed a wonderful start to the new semester.
The society affirmed the resolution 68 to 25 with 9 abstaining.


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