3/18/2010 – The European Integration Debate

The Philodemic came back refreshed and vigorous after Spring Break, to debate “Resolved: The project of European integration will fail.” Affirmation keynoter Mr. Matt Cantirino maintained culture will always serve as an obstacle to integration, while Negation keynoter Mr. Mike Desnick shot back that it weren’t as if he were proposing that “by St. Swithin’s Day they’ll be eating bangers and mash in Budapest.” Floor speeches ranged from Mr. Gutiérrez’s admitted “eurocuriousness” to Mr. Harbour’s analogy of Europe as one dysfunctional family, crazy Uncle Britain included.

Ultimately, the society negated the resolution 15-20.

The following Merrick points were awarded:

1: Walker, Tosetti

2: Desnick

3: Harbour

4: Peterson

5: Cantirino


1: Henderson

2: Olmstead

3: Grace, Desnick

4: McElroy, Kwami

5: Dulik, Green, Downes, Tosetti

11: Hale

12: Cantirino, Drew, Harbour

15: Walker

16: Peterson

Please join us in the Philodemic Room on Thursday, March 25 at 8 pm to debate Resolved: The foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson did more harm than good. See the Philodemic Society group on Facebook for more information.



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