3/4/2010 – The Global Zero Debate

Due to the author’s imminent 4 am wake-up alarm for a plane trip to San Francisco, tonight’s summary will be a tad brief. We tackled “Resolved: All states should dismantle their nuclear arsenals.” Affirming, Miss Rebecca English maintained the fundamental evil of nuclear weapons and their inability to create peace. Negating, Miss Jessica Stephens articulated a “pax atomica” in rebuttal. Floor speeches were nuclear-charged (sigh…), ranging from Mr. Gutierrez’s denunciation of the UN to Vice President Butterworth’s anti-lawyer tirade.

The society negated the resolution 15 to 22.

The following Merrick points were awarded:

1: Walker

2: Olmstead

4: Peterson, Drew

5: Hale


1: Desnick, Henderson

2: Olmstead

3: Grace

4: McElroy, Tosetti, Kwami

5: Dulik, Green, Downes

7: Cantirino

9: Harbour

11: Hale

12: Drew, Peterson

14: Walker

Please join us in the Philodemic Room on Thursday, March 18 at 8 pm to debate Resolved: The project of European integration will fail. See the Philodemic Society group on Facebook for more information.



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