2/25/2010 – The Space Program Debate


The Philodemic went to infinity and beyond in this week’s debate, “Resolved: The United States should end its space program.” Keynoting for the Affirmation, Mr. Rahul Singh agreed to the value of space exploration while denouncing the incompetence of the government in attempting to do so. Alongside him, making his induction, Mr. Peter Nesbitt touted the ability of the private market to successfully continue space exploration. Negation keynoter Mr. Sam Dulik crafted a philosophical narrative for space exploration, and even played JFK a little to push the point further. Making her induction with him, Miss Princess Fuller spelled out the ways in which the U.S. space program is vital to America’s economic and national security. Floor debate was space-tastic. Chancellor Drew used Floridian panache to promote the space program on the basis of its technological and inspirational benefits. In one of the night’s most memorable speeches, Mr. Desnick denounced the space program on ideological grounds, comparing America’s hubris in exploring space to the architects of the infamous Tower of Babel.

Diverse perspectives, witty anecdotes, powerful rhetoric and thought-provoking logic all made for an out-of-this-world debate. The society ultimately negated the resolution with 28 votes to 12 affirming and 2 abstaining.

The following Merrick points were awarded:

2: Cantirino, Harbour

3: Drew

4: Peterson

5: Dulik


1: Desnick, Henderson

3: Grace

4: McElroy, Tosetti, Kwami

5: Dulik, Green, Downes

6: Hale

7: Cantirino

8: Drew, Peterson

9: Harbour

13: Walker

Please join us in the Philodemic Room on Thursday, March 4 at 8 pm to debate a resolution to be decided upon at today’s 4:30 business meeting (which you should certainly attend as well)! See the Philodemic Society group on Facebook for more information.



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