2/18/2010 – The Free Market Capitalism Debate


The Philodemic put on its economic thinking cap tonight to debate “Resolved: Free market capitalism is the most just economic system.” Affirmation keynoter Mr. Dustin Walker highlighted the failures of governmental market intervention with eloquent studies of the consequences of minimum wages and maximum prices. Negation keynoter Mr. Brendan McElroy countered that a mixed economy of public-private partnerships is empirically most successful, not to mention most just. Rich floor speeches ensued. Mr. Harbour got the ball rolling with a reminder that the American dream, as lived by his great-grandparents, is predicated on free market capitalism. Mr. Cantirino thundered in reply that America has no such legacy of unbridled capitalism. Chancellor Drew jumped in to remind the society that the nature of justice is freedom to create, which flourishes most successfully in the free market. However, Mr. Henderson memorably retorted that extreme free market capitalism would sanction legalization of drugs, prostitution and paid assassination.

This debate ricocheted from the spheres of personal experience to anecdotal deconstruction to broad thematic interpretation. The society ultimately affirmed the resolution with 27 votes to 17 negating and 2 abstaining.

The following Merrick points were awarded:

1: Henderson, Hale, Tosetti

2: Harbour

3: Cantirino

4: McElroy

5: Walker


1: Desnick, Henderson

3: Grace

4: McElroy, Peterson, Tosetti, Kwami

5: Drew, Green, Downes, Cantirino

6: Hale

7: Harbour

13: Walker

Please join us in the Philodemic Room on Thursday, February 25 at 8 pm to debate Resolved: The United States should end its space program. See the Philodemic Society group on Facebook for more information.



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