2/11/2010 – The Unrequited Love Debate

Hearts were a-palpitatin’ throughout this week’s stellar Valentine’s Day themed debate, “Resolved: Unrequited romantic love is a myth.” Affirmation keynoter Miss Corina Kwami illustrated the notion that “it takes two to tango” with scintillating cultural tidbits. Making her induction alongside Miss Kwami, Miss Sonia Kikeri wisely reminded the society that “myth” does not imply nonexistence; all while radiating with unbridled enthusiasm for the topic at hand. On the Negation, keynoter Miss Emma Green got to the core of the debate with a vampiric contextualization: the Affirmation is Team Edward, while the Negation is Team Jacob. She continued with great poise to characterize this resolution as have two dynamic and complementary axes of “myth” and “requited love.” Making his induction alongside her, Mr. Jon Askonas broke down love into the physiological, the emotional and the spiritual, memorably capping off his remarks by whipping out a rose. The floor debate was impassioned, with comments ranging from Mr. Harbour’s use of “Casablanca” as an example of unrequited love, to Mr. Gutierrez’s charming “Coming to America” story, to Mr. Walker’s reminder that the only words more magical than “I love you,” are “I love you, too.”

At points, not an eye was dry, and indeed this evening fused the emotional and the rhetorical into gobs of amorous goodness. The society negated the resolution with 20 affirming to 24 negating to 6 abstaining.

This resolution was negated, 20-24-6.

The following Merrick points were awarded:

3: Walker, Kwami, Hale

4: Drew

5: Green


1: Desnick

2: Cantirino

3: Grace, Tosetti

4: Peterson, Kwami

5: Green, Downes, Harbour, Drew, Hale

8: Walker

Please join us in the Philodemic Room on Thursday, February 18 at 8 pm to debate a resolution to be decided upon at this Saturday’s business meeting (which you should certainly attend as well)! See the Philodemic Society group on Facebook for more information.



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