11/19/2009 – Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

In the words of the great President Drew, Thursday was a triumphant night for the Philodemic.  The Society gathered with many welcomed guests for the debate “Resolved: The States Should Legalize Same-Sex Marriage.”  On the affirmation, the superbly dressed Corina Kwami framed the debate in terms of equal protection and benefits.  Marriage is an exchange between different members of the community that carries certain rights and privileges, and Miss Kwami argued passionately that the state plays an essential role in extending equality to all.  On the negation, Drew Peterson unleashed legal fire, arguing that the propagative purpose of heterosexual relationships marks them as crucially distinct in the legal discourse on rights.  Mr. Peterson showed with characteristic clarity that states have no particular interest in regulating homosexual relationships, so they have no legal obligation to support or oppose gay marriages.   After the opening keynotes, the Society heard some of the best floor speeches of the year – members and guests alike spoke with passion and respect.  Many on the affirmation argued that distinct categories for different types of relationships marginalize groups.  On the other hand, many negation speakers argued against the regulation of marriage itself – as Mr. Brian Harbour so eloquently put it, “It’s not eHarmony.gov.”  On the whole, the debate was thoughtful and entertaining – a true testament to the best abilities of the Society.

Many thanks to all who came to the debate, but a special thanks to the members of GU Pride, who worked with the Society on the topic and made a strong showing on Thursday evening.  The Philodemic appreciates contributions from all parts of the campus community, and we hope to continue our growing relationship with new friends at Pride.

After a great night, this resolution was heartily affirmed, 30-15-2.  All in attendance marched merrily to the apartment of Dustin Walker and Philofriends, where a fabulously fun Philoparty made for a great conclusion to the night.  Please join us next week for the final regular debate of the season (before the legendary Christmas Debate, that is!) – “Resolved: Hamlet was mad.”


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