11/05/2009 – Columbia Cup Debate

Weekly Debates

Fierce competition brought the Philodemic Room to life this week as the Philodemic Society took on George Washington’s Enosinian Society in the second annual Columbia Cup competition!  Our two Societies went head to head in the debate, “Resolved: The death penalty should be abolished.”  Using eloquence in defense of liberty on the affirmation were Mr. Will Downes and Mr. Dustin Walker of the Philodemic.  Using passionate speech in defense of the death penalty on the negation were Mr. Sean Peerenboom and Mr. Alex Shoucair of the Enosinian.  Both sides delivered convincing arguments flawlessly, debating the concept of justice, the possibility of deterrence, and the fallibility of the justice system.  Following the opening keynotes, floor speakers added fire to the debate, questioning cultural relativity, the right to take another’s life, and what it means to deserve to die.  All speakers were excellent, including many friends from the Enosinian Society.

After thought-provoking closing keynotes, the results of the debate and the competition were announced.  The room was divided, and this resolution was affirmed, 35-18.  As for the competition itself, two alumni, Mr. Aaron Connelly (GW ’08) and Mr. Alex Sanjenis (GU ’03)  were kind enough to serve as judges and weigh the merits of the four keynoters.  After some intense deliberation, the Philodemic Society was named victorious, winning the Columbia Cup once again.

Thank you to all who came to the debate, and special thanks to our two judges.  The Philodemic Society had an excellent time debating the Enosinian, and we look forward to much future fun.  To one and all – please join us this Thursday for a nice dose of International Relations in “Resolved: The Global War on Terror has been a Failure.”


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