10/29/2009 – Nobel Peace Prize Debate

Weekly Debates

The Society gathered on Thursday to discuss “Resolved: President Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.”  This controversial topic drew numerous new faces to the Philodemic Room, and the Society was delighted to see and hear from so many esteemed guests.  On the affirmation, Miss Allison Wagner spoke eloquently of the responsibility for the future President Obama has shouldered.  His Nobel Peace Prize was a call to action and an affirmation of his multilateral approach to diplomacy.  Mr. Peter Grace challenged this claim cleverly, reading a list of President Obama’s past accomplishments in all offices to demonstrate just how little the President has done.  Mr. Grace argued that President Obama pales in comparison to other nominees and past winners, cheapening the award itself.  The floor speakers following did an award-worthy job of examining the issue from complex perspectives, exploring the value of the prize, the meaning of peace and the achievements of President Obama.

After  swift and solid closings by the keynoters, the Society divided the room, yielding an unexpectedly narrow negation of 15-2-17.  A journey to Martin’s afterward completed the night – the only thing we lacked was a team of cheerful Norwegians affirming our multidimensional approach to debate.

Please join us next week in the Philodemic Room as we take on the Enosinian Society of George Washington University in the second annual Columbia Cup competition.  The debate is sure to be quite a showing of fierce rhetorical talent on both sides.


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