10/22/2009 – Jamestown vs. Plymouth

The Philodemic celebrated Thanksgiving early this year with Thursday’s debate “Resolved: Jamestown, not Plymouth, is the seed of American culture.”  On the affirmation, Mr. Ohm Gore argued that Jamestown’s early economy embodies American entrepreneurship.  While the settlers in Jamestown may have been a rough and tumble crowd, they freed their slaves, demonstrating a spirit of tolerance clearly absent in Plymouth.  Mr. Matt Cantarino defended Plymouth against this charge brilliantly on the negation, citing the spirit of American democracy that was born aboard the Mayflower.  He argued that Pilgrims saw their venture to the new world as a sacred mission, a spiritual conception distinctly lacking at Jamestown.  The floor speeches went quite smoothly, with many well-delivered non-member speeches on both sides.  After some excellent speeches about MTV, democracy, and Pocahontas, the keynoters closed, charging the Society to consider the true nature of American spirit and zealotry.

While the resolution was negated 10-18, the Society’s love of Thanksgiving was thankfully affirmed.  And while Martin’s does not serve stuffing, turkey or pumpkin pie, the Society enjoyed a lovely evening at our favorite tavern.    (Edit: The writer has been informed that Martin’s serves a tasty white chicken breast, which is a nice substitute for Thanksgiving junkies who aren’t purists about their holiday fare.  Martin’s also offers not one, but two[!] different kinds of stuffing.  Duly noted for the future).

We hope you will join us for future debates at 8 pm in the Philodemic Room!


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