10/15/2009 – Nixon vs. Kennedy

The Society gathered on Thursday for the sixth debate of the semester, “Resolved: Richard M. Nixon was a greater president than John F. Kennedy.”  Despite the drear outside, we were joined by numerous non-members and even some august alumni.  On the affirmation, Mr. Nick Myers wowed the Society with quotes from Otto von Bismarck, historical landscapes and high expectations for the debate.  Mr. Myers pointed to the peace-making promises of President Nixon, and indicated his administration’s achievements in international relations.  Mr. Dustin Walker then stood and silenced the room with his words on President Nixon’s true legacy, one of lost American lives and shameless political maneuvering.  Speaking of President Kennedy, Mr. Walker urged the Society to consider the integrity and inspiration that characterized the Kennedy administration, including President Kennedy’s dream of a mission to the moon.  We heard many floor speeches about corruption, integrity and accomplishment – we even heard a few about George Washington and John Quincy Adams, the Society’s two other favorite presidents.

This debate was overwhelmingly negated, 3-2-22.  The Society adjourned to Martin’s, braving icy rain and mysteriously early cold for a lovely Thursday night.


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