10/08/2009 – Dahlgren Quad vs. Red Square

Weekly Debates

The Society gathered this week in the library conference room to discuss “Resolved: Red Sqaure, and not Dahlgren Quad, is the heart of Georgetown University.”  Miss Corina Kwami started off the debate with a lovely keynote on the affirmation, showing the Society that Red Square is the center of activity and idealism at Georgetown.  She spoke of the problematic (and fake) binary between secular philosophy and theology, encouraging the Society to explore architectural and spatial themes in Red Square and Dahlgren Quad.  Miss Emma Green followed with a keynote on the negation, highlighting the special spiritual significance that Dahlgren holds.  Dahlgren Quad is Georgetown’s symbol of Ignatian ideals and Jesuit educational philosophy, and Miss Green used the theme of “walks through Georgetown” to highlight the way students connect to this spiritual history.  Keynotes were followed by absolutely superb floor speeches, including entertaining stories about first kisses in Dahlgren and mob attacks in Red Square.  The Society heard many august metaphors for the relationship between Red Square and Dahlgren Quad, marking the evening as one of the most creative of the semester.  The Society especially enjoyed hearing floor speeches from every non-member who attended the debate.

After beautiful closing keynotes by Miss Green and Miss Kwami, the Society sided with Red Square, affirming the resolution 11-9.  The evening was concluded with a trip to Martin’s – another fabulous Thursday in the Philodemic Society.


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