09/26/2009 – The Hamilton Debate

Alumni and undergraduates came together in the Philodemic Room this weekend for the annual Hamilton Debate.  This year’s Hamilton was particularly special, as it represents the twentieth anniversary of the revival of the Philodemic Society.  Alumni Philodemica President Jordan Nardino (Class of ’00) brought many impressive alumni back to the Philodemic Room, and we were glad to share with them in debating “Resolved: America’s Best Days are Ahead of It.”

Hearty thanks and congratulations go out to the four keynoters: Mr. Paul Miller (COL ’99) on the affirmation; Mr. Jack Massey (SFS ’99) on the negation; Mr. David Gootzit (SFS ’99) on the affirmation; and Mr. Jordan Nardino (COL ’00) on the negation.  Also, the alumni present were proud to award Mr. Alex Henderson (COL ’12) with the Hamilton Medal for the best floor speech of the night.  The Society is proud of Mr. Henderson’s eloquence.

After the debate, the Society gathered in Riggs Library for a lovely reception.  In particular, the food was fabulous – finger food was enjoyed by all.

Please join us next Thursday at 8 pm for “Resolved: Human Society Should Allow the Practice of Liberal Eugenics.”


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