09/10/2009 – Health Care Debate

Thursday was an exciting night for the Philodemic Society.  Friends new and old gathered in Riggs Library to debate “Resolved: The United States Should Establish a National Health Care System.”  After an elegant introduction by President Randy Drew, Madeline Bailey began the night with a well-researched keynote on the affirmation.  Noting that the United States carries a heavier cost burden for health care than comparable countries, Miss Bailey firmly asserted that we cannot continue to defend a failed system.  On the negation, Treasurer Brian Harbour championed the privatized system brilliantly.  He emphasized the need for a competitive insurance market, free of regulation, and also cited the benefits of tort reform.  Floor speeches by members and non-members were quite entertaining, setting a wonderful precedent for the rest of the year.  After a  fierce debate, the resolution was negated.  Our night concluded with great conversations and fabulous food at Martin’s Tavern, a truly good time had by all.


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