AK-47 Debate

The Philodemic website has been experiencing some technical issues.  We will be reposting old entries that were not properly registered with the site.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.  

On Thursday January 23rd, the Society conveigned to consider the issue:

Resolved the AK-47 has had a greater impact upon history than the Atomic Bomb.

Mr. Kolodin began the debate on the affirmation by describing how the AK-47 represented the idea of the common man acting uncommonly, just as the Minutemen, who rose up to defend their freedoms. Mr. Kolodin told the Society that the Age of Nations was passed, and that instead faith ought to be put in the masses. Mr. Hipple countered on the negation by reminding the society that nuclear weapons are employed for strategic purpose, but also that they represented a greater power of destruction than had ever before been known to warfare. Mr. Hipple then stated that with the atomic bomb, the weight of our full power was placed squarely upon our own shoulders.

The floor debate was marked with vigorous speeches on both sides, including one by Chancellor Rugg, who explained that a pernicious dichotomy seemed to exist between determinism and chaos, but that the ultimate solution is a third option of finding a way for liberty to co-exist with authority. Mr. Merighi also made a stirring speech that employed a humorous analogy to the Crossbow’s introduction to medieval warfare and eventual banning by the Papacy. Mr. Rendleman furthermore reminded us that regardless of the technologies that we might develope, mankind will still remain inherently the same.

Concluding the arguments of the negation, Mr. Hipple proceeded to explain that the progression of history has always been based around man’s ability to assert himself, but that assertion ceased with the development of the atomic bomb. To finish off the evening’s debate, Mr. Kolodin gave a rousing speech and implored the society to consider that believing in the sacredness of every human life required a vote for the affirmation.

The debate was negated by a vote of 18-25-1.

Mr. Merighi was the best speaker of the evening by the Society, and was awarded 5 Merrick Points.

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